Apputee wins Young Innovators Award 2022/2023

Lydia Carrick, the entrepreneur behind Apputee, won the Young Innovators Award 2022/2023! This award from Innovate UK gives a nod to young minds making waves with fresh, impactful ideas in tech and beyond.

Meet Lydia and Apputee

Lydia saw a gap and leapt to fill it with Apputee – an app born out of a personal experience after she struggled to find the information she needed after her father became an amputee. The app gives amputees a helping hand to find resources and community. It’s also a place where small businesses and charities in the disability sector can get the attention they deserve by presenting themselves to those who need them.

Turning Ideas into Action

Through Apputee, Lydia brought together practical help, a sense of belonging, and visibility for folks navigating life as an amputee, as well as for businesses aiming to help out in the disability space. The app is not just a tool but a welcoming spot where people and information come together smoothly.

Why This Award Matters

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is the UK’s innovation agency. They work to create a better future by inspiring, involving and investing in businesses developing life-changing innovations.

The Young Innovators programme nurtures the innovators of tomorrow to help tackle some of society’s most significant challenges. The programme also aims to foster a more diverse & inclusive business landscape while ensuring that every part of the country can power our collective success. 

Eyeing a Supportive Future

Lydia’s goal with Apputee goes beyond being a helpful app for amputees. It’s about giving a leg up to small, disability-focused businesses, helping them find success and make a mark. The award isn’t just a win for Lydia; it’s recognition for Apputee and a stepping stone towards making a broader, supportive environment for everyone in the disability community.

Wrapping It Up

With a solid blend of innovation and empathy, Lydia Carrick has carved out a space that promises more than just solutions — it offers community and visibility for amputees and businesses in the disability sector. The Young Innovators Award 2022/2023 is a cheer for Lydia’s efforts and a signal that Apputee is set to create some positive ripples in the disability and business worlds.

So here’s to Apputee, and a future where everyone finds the support and community they need!

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